FITS Wunderbreech Means Bye Bye Cellulite

FITS, inventor of the most athletically advanced riding breech on the market, has extensive knowledge and experience working with power fabrics that support a rider-athlete’s muscles, with a side benefit of smoothing and shaping the figure. Now, they’ve applied that expertise to the Wunderbreech, which can be comfortably worn under any breech, pant, or other outfit to dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite, and look smaller overall.

The Wonderbreech is a breathable, opaque, power blend of cotton, poly and Lyrcra, that skims over cellulite for outstanding camouflage. The capri length eradicates unsightly “here’s where my undergarment ends” lines, yet allows for closest, coolest contact under the boot.

While FITS breeches have much of this effect already built in, adding the Wunderbreech multiplies the effect. Worn with less supportive breeches or clothing, the Wunderbreech makes a significant difference on its own, providing a smooth, slimmer shape. It’s also exceptionally comfortable, featuring a seamless gusseted crotch, a diamond-shaped area that avoids the bunching of traditional “four way intersection” seaming.

The Wunderbreech comes in white, capri-length, in sizes XS-XL, with an MSRP of $36.

See for a complete list of online and local retailers, and for more information.

FITS (“Fun In The Saddle”) launched in 2005, bringing to market the original patented PerforMAX top-performance technical breech that continues to revolutionize the way riders connect with their saddle, their horse, and their riding experience. Today FITS has a well-deserved reputation as inventor of the most advanced athletic wear for the English rider, with a full range of exceptional performance clothing for year-round riding. FITS is sold widely throughout the USA, with growing availability in Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, France, New Zealand, Sweden and the United Kingdom.






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