Gary Lane's “Understanding the Gaited Trail Horse” DVD

Master gaited horse trainer and bestselling author Gary Lane has produced a must-see DVD for gaited horse owners as the trail riding season arrives upon the scene.

Gary shares his training methods for trail preparation for all smooth-gaited breeds of horses, such as the Tennessee Walking Horse, Missouri Fox Trotting Horse and Mountain Horse. Tips are provided on how to safely prepare for trail obstacles and achieve the gaited horse’s signature gait.

Attaining a smooth, safe ride on the trail is predicated upon the horse having a calm mind. Gary works with several horses learning to find a calm mind before, during and after the trail ride. Instructions on preparing for the trail are taught by using a man-made obstacle course and natural trail obstacles in the Daniel Boone National Forest. Information is provided on how to cure the pace and help the hollow-backed horse, proper bitting, correct saddle fit, and riding for easy gaiting.

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