GGT-Footing Introduces GGT Stall-EZ

What is GGT Stall-EZ? Stall-EZ is an extremely durable one piece, seamless mat made of carpet-like permeable non-woven polypropylene material. It greatly reduces bedding requirements by allowing the urine to run through it.

What makes Stall-EZ different? The Stall Liner will reduce your costs on bedding and the expenses involved with the removal of waste. The Stall Liner will reduce the ammonia build up associated with traditional barn management practices. With the Stall Liner your investment will pay for itself in one year alone–then over and over after that.

Why is Stall-EZ better than rubber mats? Unlike conventional rubber mats, a Stall Liner will not allow urine to puddle on the surface. When urine puddles on the surface (as on any flooring that does not drain properly) it is absorbed by expensive bedding–bedding that must be removed. With Stall-EZ the urine does not puddle on the surface, but easily flows through so your bedding does not absorb it. Consequently, much less bedding is removed when the stall is cleaned. It is a simple equation: Less bedding to remove = savings on bedding and the time required to clean the stall.

Stall-Ez are heavy-duty in durability, but very lightweight, about 40 pounds for a one-piece 12’ x12’ stall unit. For the same size stall, six rubber mats are needed, each weighting about 90 pounds. When those 540 pounds is placed on an earthen surface, it will shift and at some point require adjusting.

Stall-EZ can be easily removed, transported and reinstalled elsewhere.

Having a one piece Stall-EZ means no seams will rise up, thus keeping manure and bedding from wedging underneath creating a haven for bacteria and thrush-like organisms. The smooth surface also eliminates incidences of: pulled shoes, lameness issues, a horse getting his leg twisted under one of these 90-pound mats

Stall-EZ never becomes slick or slippery. Newborn foals and the disabled, older animals have no issues getting up or down. No struggling at all, and no foals being admitted to veterinary hospitals for treatment of open raw-flesh-spots caused by flailing about in an effort to stand. Stall-EZ can be used with little to no bedding during foaling, thus avoiding any risk of inhalation of particles into the foals lungs.

There will never be a time when your Stall-EZ will get packed solid with waste as can happen even with interlocking honey comb mats. No stopped-up drainage or associated costs of correcting drainage issues every three years. If you ever need to work on your Stall-EZ or the drainage bed underneath, it is a simple one-day task. All you have to do is roll or fold up the 40 pound one piece mat.

For what is it worth, Stall-EZ is literally a no-brainer. Purchase a Stall-EZ and get started. Test it yourself. You have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain. Then, when you are ready, finish out your remaining stalls with Stall-EZ.

What is my savings if I purchase Stall-EZ?

First: Your savings is by buying the material only.

Second: The thrifty local purchase or acquisition of the molding/base board for attaching Stall-EZ.

Third: Your savings on bedding! PLUS labor! As this mat has the best performing drainage mat on the market, which means that you will save, save, SAVE on bedding, starting the DAY you install your Stall-EZ.

Fourth is the life of your Stall-EZ, as this material has proven durability with over 15+ years of use.

So what are you waiting for? Call 864-804-0212 or email for sample, with questions or to place an order!

Stall-EZ comes 13 feet wide, which allows for 6 inches to be folded up on each side of the stall wall. The table below is how many feet you will need for your stall size.
12 x 12 Stall order 13 feet
12 x 14 Stall order 15 feet
12 x 16 Stall order 17 feet
12 x 18 Stall order 19 feet
12 x 20 Stall order 21 feet
12 x 24 Stall order 25 feet
We can cut custom sizes.

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