Just for Horse Folks: Warm Winter Accessories

Editor’s note: We are running our popular series on winter clothing (and potentially gifts) for the horse person in your life–or perhaps for you to buy for yourself! In this article we look at items for hands, feet, necks and heads designed with the equestrian in mind.

Ovation Ceramic Fleece Glove Liner

It wasn’t long ago that you had to choose between wearing warm winter gloves and having rein-level dexterity in your fingers. Likewise, your choice used to be wearing cozy, bulky socks or fitting into your riding boots. This season’s warm-appendage accessories offer warmth and comfort, so you and your clients can get your work and riding done without suffering through cold hands and feet (and head and neck, too).

For Hands and Feet

* Ovation Ceramic Fleece Glove Liner [Ovation GloveLiner 470117]

Wear these fitted gloves on their own when you want a nice amount of insulation (it has a grippy palm, too), or wear them as liners under other gloves on really cold days. The fabric actually uses your body’s kinetic energy to provide the heat. Available in black.

* Ovation Handwarmers [Ovation Handwarmers 470119]

On no-glove days and for jackets with sleeves just a little too short, Ovation’s Handwarmers are a moisture wicking, quick-dry-layer solution. Available in black.

* Mountain Horse Triplex Glove [MH TriplexGlove 304166]

For those inevitable times when you manage to put your entire hand into the water while cleaning out or breaking ice in a bucket, these 3-finger mittens are breathable, waterproof and warm. Available in black.

* Ovation Vortex 3-Season Glove [Ovation 3SeasonGlove 470115]

This glove is water resistant for winter’s rainy and snowy days. Available in black with a range of reflective-piping colors.

* TuffRider Winter Neon Socks [JPC WinterNeonSocks]

Insulated with a cushioned sole, these heavy-terry-cotton and bamboo socks have a reinforced toe and heel to holdout through the whole winter. Available in a three pack of black with pink, black with blue and black with peach.

For Head and Neck

* Toklat Himalayer Jockey Cap [Toklat HimalayerJockeyCap 30-5975, Toklat HimalayerJockeyCap]

Winter hats can be cute, too. This super-soft hat is reversible so you get two looks in one. Available in brown/blue (mink/sky), navy/apple and black/blush, matching other items in the Himalayer line.

* Mountain Horse Molly Hat [MH MollyHat 304161]

Mountain Horse’s new Molly hat is knitted and half fleece lined so it’s soft and comfortable. Available in navy bliss and royal red.

* Toklat Himalayer Neckerchief [Toklat HimalayerNeckerchief 30-5978, Toklat HimalayerNeckerchief]

Let the ultimate handkerchief—a neckerchief—keep your neck warm while you have the option of pulling some fabric up to cover your mouth and nose. Available in brown/blue (mink/sky), navy/apple and black/blush, matching other items in the Himalayer line.






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