Just for Horse Folks: Winter Footwear

Editor’s note: We are running our popular series on winter clothing (and potentially gifts) for the horse person in your life–or perhaps for you to buy for yourself! In this article we look at coats and pants designed with the equestrian in mind.

Ovation Country Boot Cameron

Nine out of 10 people agree that wearing comfy boots is the best part of winter. Okay, we made up that statistic, but really, comfy boots are the best part of winter, aren’t they? Warm boots—and warm, waterproof boots—are a boon to everyone taking care of horses in a cold climate. More winter-boot options for riding and for general barn wear means you and your clients have fewer excuses to not go outside.

In The Saddle

* Ovation Cameron Country Boot [Ovation CameronBoot470095]

The Ovation Cameron Country Boot pairs a German-made waterproof and breathable membrane with canvas, oiled leather and accent buckles for a look you can pull off with a skirt and at the barn. The rugged sole prevents slipping and elastic v gusset provides easy and and off. Available in brown with olive.

* TuffRider Starter Winter Fleece-Lined Front Zip [JPC StarterBoot]

Both kids and women can brave the colder months with these synthetic-fleece-lined, synthetic-leather, front-zip paddock boots. This economical winter boot has a slim design and is modeled after the TuffRider Starter Paddock Boots. Available in black.

* Mountain Horse Rimfrost Rider III [MH RimfrostRiderBoot 308002]

Forget the worry that your boots will crack with repeated wear in the coldest of weather. These Thermolite-insulated Rimfrost Rider III Boots from Mountain Horse have been tested to withstand one million flexes in 14-degree-F weather. This is the newest, most improved version of Mountain Horse’s original winter boot. Take that, winter! Available in black for women and men.

Out of the Saddle

* BOGS Men’s Bozeman Tall [BOGS MensBozemanTallBoot]

Guys: Keep your feet warm with these BOGS Bozeman Tall Boots rated to -72 degrees F. They’re 30 percent lighter than comparable boots and just as durable. Available in black and olive.

* BOGS Women’s North Hampton Cravat [BOGS NHamptonCravatBoot]

BOGS’s lighter-weight, sleeker-looking waterproof North Hampton Cravat Boots will keep you warm down to 5 degrees F. Available in black, dark green or eggplant.

* BOGS Kid’s Classic Polar Bear [BOGS KidsPolarBearBoot]

These waterproof, polar-bear-printed boots are rated to -30 degrees F, so going to the barn in the winter can still be fun for the kids. Available in black, dark grey and dark blue.






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