Introducing The Hock Shield: Catching the Wave to Healing Hock Sores

What do horse hocks and California surfer dudes have in common? Both need protection from scrapes and tears. But a high-tech sportswear solution for horses wasn’t available until now.

Using the same lightweight, breathable, yet virtually tear-resistant neoprene as found in surfer wetsuits, Santa Cruz, California, horsewoman Shari Click has created the flexible, wearable Hock Shield that offers critical coverage to the difficult, bony areas where horses most likely develop sores that defy protection.

“If a horse has a hock injury or bed sore, repeated lying down can aggravate it and prevent healing,” Click said. “Some sores just get larger and deeper. The healing process cannot take place unless a protective barrier is between the ground and your horse’s skin.”

The Hock Shield is a custom-fit hock protector designed to stay in place to prevent and help heal hock sores, featuring a tear-resistant neoprene outer shell and soft fleece lining. The Hock Shield (half-wrap) comes in two adjustable sizes, featuring a soft, flexible ‘pocket’ in the center back to provide comfort in the delicate area where tendons pass just under the skin. This is the perfect solution for the majority of horses with hock sores.

The Hock Shield Ultra (full-wrap) comes in four sizes and can also be used for horses with arthritic hocks to prevent chill. The thin neoprene and double layer of fleece make a very comfortable but tough boot that can be worn full-time on horses with deep, chronic sores.

Click also has Fetlock Shields, which are bed sore boots for horses, made of a super-tough Cordura and lined with smooth Rayon over a soft layer of padding, and can be worn daily. “They are a big change from the upside-down bell boot and one that your horse will appreciate,” Click said.

“Do our Shields really stay on, we are asked, and the answer is, yes,” said Click. “We stand behind our product so, for any reason, if you are not completely satisfied, your money will be refunded.” A pair of Hock Shields cost under $50. While supplies last, is making it possible to purchase just one Hock Shield only for a special price of $24.95.

“Our testimonials include people saying, ‘I spent over $100 on bedding that didn’t work. Your great product did.’ That,” Click said, “means the most to us. We want to offer a smart, economical solution that helps horses, and their owners.”

For more testimonials and information about The Hock Shield and other Click products, visit or call 831-426-1206.






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