Introducing Stayons Poultice Products

Sept. 27, 2013 -- The Better Bandage Company, Inc. announced the launch of STAYONS, an innovative line of poultice products for horses. The company said it has also entered into distribution agreements for veterinarians, horse owners and farriers.

Sept. 27, 2013 — The Better Bandage Company, Inc. (TBBC) today announced the launch of an innovative line of poultice products for horses, STAYONS. The company announced it has also entered into distribution agreements for the veterinary, horse owner and farrier channels across North America.

STAYONS’ poultice products use a novel design for applying poultice to the legs and feet of horses. Dry poultice blends are held throughout the wraps in quilted-pockets. “Distributors and horse owners are impressed with the light weight of these wraps.” stated Jim Phillips, TBBC’s Managing Partner, Commercial Operations. “Unlike heavy, water-based tubs of pre-made poultice that are expensive to ship to clients, and cumbersome for clients to take to competitions, STAYONS wraps reduce shipping costs and are easily carried along to events STAYONS’ dry ingredient approach allows simple water activation in only 15-20 seconds on site.

STAYONS wraps are unique in that they provide dual-action when soaked in ice water–both cold therapy benefits for acute injury and inflammation following heavy work, plus poultice activity for up to 18 hours–all in one simple to apply, leave-on approach.

Former wrap products use a single poultice ingredient, are messy to apply and remove, and require copious extra wrapping and taping to secure them on the hoof. Brandon Phillips, a leading Canadian polo expert now competing in the U.S. said: “With STAYONS leg wraps I can poultice three horses in the same time it takes for one the old way. It’s just quicker and much more effective than using pre-made poultice and brown paper methods.” 

The need for a better poultice process existed. “As horse owners, we were frustrated with the cost, mess and antiquated way to work with traditional poultice, like every other horseman,” said Chad Blough, the company’s manufacturing partner.”So we decided to use our engineering, manufacturing and veterinary industry experience to look at the limitations of these products and make them better The STAYONS brand of poultice products resulted: leg wraps which also can be used for knees and hocks, three poultice blends of hoof wraps and a durable–yet disposable–protective boot.

Made from cross-laminated material that is tough enough to transport explosive materials, and secure enough for sensitive legal labels, this product is flexible enough to comfortably fit the hoof. Straps that can be repositioned allow assessment of the hoof throughout the poultice process. The boot also can be reused numerous times, providing good value.

With multiple horses, poultice on legs couldn’t be easier. STAYONS leg wraps apply in less than a minute, using only a standing bandage for support. An optional re-usable knee/hock support safely maintains leg poultice wrap application on these hard-to-wrap joints.

Application videos, step-by-step photos, full text descriptions and the complete product line can be found at

Based in Mississauga, Ontario Canada, The Better Bandage Company was formed to provide innovative new designs to improve bandaging for both veterinary and human markets. The company’s initial line of veterinary products under the STAYONS brand consists of poultice leg wraps, three versions of poultice hoof wraps, disposable poultice boots and a practical knee/hock wrap support for horses. The products are available through veterinarians, farriers, trainers and horse owners through a network of regional and national distributors, dealers, tack shops and online retailers.

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