“Inventing Your Horse Career” CD Series Now Available as MP3 Downloads and Kindle Editions

Have you day-dreamed about how to turn your enthusiasm and love for all things horses into a way to earn money or make a living? This series features a wide-range of career possibilities, most outside of traditional thinking. Getting creative about inventing a horse-related work-life is what this initiative is all about.

Consider how you could jump-start your horse career with personal experience tales from the following industry professionals:

  • Denny Emerson, Olympic rider and trainer and author of How Good Riders Get Good
  • Linda Hauck, Inventor of SpurSuader and international marketer
  • Fran Jurga, editor and publisher of the award-winning Hoofcare and Lameness, Journal of Equine Foot Science; advocate for horse hoof healthcare; author, blogger and freelance writer
  • Christy Landwehr, CEO of Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA), certifying instructors, vaulting coaches, barn managers, college coaches, drivers and trail guides and accrediting equine facilities
  • L.A. Pomeroy, award-winning journalist, equine publicist and copy writer
  • Bob Jeffreys and Suzanne Sheppard (Two As One Horsemanship), Balancing English and Western disciplines through clinics, expos, videos and business coaching as well as founders of the Wind Rider Challenge
  • Mary Ann Simonds, Equine behaviorist, horse human interaction coach, facilitator and catalyst for consciousness
  • Stacey Small, Founder of Equilite and create of Sore No More liniments, voted product of the year two times by The Horse Journal; co-publisher of the Holistic Horse Magazine
  • Lisa Derby Oden and Nanette Levin, successful equine business owners and small business advisors who provide a tutorial CD on getting smart with business activities

Learn more about the series by going to Choose between CD, MP3 and Kindle versions.

This series was produced by Lisa Derby Oden of Blue Ribbon Consulting and Nanette Levin, with Horse Sense and Cents. Oden has spent years coaching and consulting equipreneurial individuals and horse business owners about strategy and planning to bring their dreams to life and reality.

As lifelong horsewomen, instructors and trainers, stable owners, association officers, volunteers and more, Oden and Levin draw from their years of unique experience in the horse industry to ask questions in this CD series that draws candid, pertinent and interesting responses. You’ll hear comments you never imagined as you listen along.






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