Jonathan Field’s Spectacular New Book on Liberty Training Breaks the Mold

Trafalgar Square Books ( is thrilled to announce the release of The Art of Liberty Training for Horses by popular horseman and educator Jonathan Field. This remarkable new book, gloriously illustrated with over 350 photographs taken by Robin Duncan on Jonathan’s expansive ranch in British Columbia, breaks the mold when it comes to in-depth horsemanship instruction. Not only do readers receive step-by-step, progressive exercises to help them move from training their horses on line, to lessons loose in the round pen, to playing in wide open spaces, they also vividly see Jonathan’s interactions with his horses, how his body language plays of theirs, and how to apply his methods at home with their own horses.

Developing communication skills and your relationship with your horse through liberty benefits all that you do together, whether on the ground or in the saddle, whether competing or riding for pleasure. Quick responses to subtle cues, clear aids, and a relaxed and attentive horse: These are the keys to liberty, and they are also objectives when you ride, drive, or interact with the horse on the ground around the barn. Liberty, therefore, teaches you to be an all-around better horseman or horsewoman.

“The horsemanship journey doesn’t end with liberty,” wrote Jonathan, “It’s just the beginning of connection.”

Many horse people came to recognize horseman Jonathan Field following the release of the popular BlackBerry commercial, in which he and his horses starred. Jonathan was also the subject of the RedBull Media House Documentary Harmony with Horses. Each year, Jonathan and his family spend half the year touring and teaching at clinics, expos, and seminars across North America. The rest of the year they host clinics and camps at their two training facilities in British Columbia.

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