Julie Goodnight Unveils New Colors in her Rope Couture Collection

June 21, 2013 — Horse trainer and clinician Julie Goodnight worked with rope-tying experts to create her American-made Rope Couture halters and training leads. Goodnight chose precise rope dimensions and unique tying techniques to ensure that her halters offer effective-yet-kind communication with horses.

Now the line includes a turquoise halter with black noseband wrapping. Also new to the line—rope reins in 9 and 10-foot lengths with color choices including lime, pink, turquoise, black, tan, and hunter green. Lime green is the color of the season and the newest addition to the rein selection.

The ropes and halters are free from metal parts to make sure your horse is never harmed or scared by too much pressure. “I’ve never worked with a horse that needed more pressure than a tied knot beneath their chin,” Goodnight explains. “And I love a rope connection to the bit for my reins—metal connections like clips can irritate your horse and cause vibrations in his mouth. That’s unintended, meaningless pressure.”

For halters: Choose the flat-wrapped noseband for groundwork—the flat, decorative knots provide the most pressure over a larger area to help horses learn where to be and how to act. They’ll quickly feel your correction. The round noseband is designed for everyday use and also works for riding. Either style is $26.95 and is designed to fit horses ranging from Arab-size to Warmblood. Draft and pony sizes available by special order. The halters are available in a variety of colors. Visit http://shopping.juliegoodnight.com for current color combinations.

Training leads are available in 12-foot ($36.95) or 15-foot ($41.95) lengths and come in hues to match every halter. Choose a 12-foot lead for horses under 16 hands, or a 15-foot lead for horses over 16 hands.

Reins are $59.95 for nine-foot or 10 foot varieties and come with rope connectors to attach to your bit.



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