ManeStay is a New Product for Identifying Horses in a Crisis

When faced with evacuation due to fire, flood, tornado or or any natural disaster, ManeStay solves the problem of attaching identification to the horse quickly and safely without relying on a halter to anchor this information. Halters are known to catch on branches, fences, etc., so ManeStay was designed to secure ID to an otherwise naked horse. ManeStay can be attached in just a few seconds, and when it’s truly an emergency, there’s simply no time to start braiding a luggage tag into the mane.

The user presses ManeStay’s plunger with the thumb, exposing a “hook” at the opposite end. By taking a lock of mane hair, then loosely twisting it and pushing it into the hook and releasing the plunger, the hair is drawn into ManeStay keeping it firmly locked onto the mane. A horse that is wearing this highly visible, bright yellow product in his mane will be easy to spot and likely one of the first to be identified, then returned to his owner once danger has passed.

One side of the I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) label reads “I.C.E. INFO INSIDE”, and the other side reads “MICROCHIPPED? Yes No”. When rescue personnel are tasked with scanning for microchips, this simple identifier will save countless hours of attempting to scan horses, only to find out that a very small percentage of them are indeed chipped. Inside the folded label the horse’s owner will have used ballpoint pen or ultrafine Sharpie to complete the emergency details (horse’s name, owner’s and vet’s name and numbers, and an additional line for miscellaneous info such as allergies, feed requirements, owner’s email address, etc.). The handwritten information is waterproof and permanent, and it is kept private behind Velcro closures. ManeStay is manufactured in the U.S. of all American-made materials.

ManeStay will be available by the end of July at several major equine retailers, as well as at MSRP $20. Inquire at for quantity discounts or call 805-231-5305.






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