New Muzzle is Lighter, Breathable and Customizable

Horses are happiest grazing on lush, green grass, but for some horses, like those suffering from insulin resistance or cushings, unrestricted grazing can spell disaster. While grazing muzzles are popular solutions, conventional muzzles are wrought with problems. The improper fit, poor ventilation and discomfort of most muzzles make for unhappy horses.

Enter Harmany Muzzles. Designed by leading holistic veterinarian Dr. Joyce Harman, Harmany Muzzles are open, airy and ergonomically designed, and can be molded to each horse’s individual head shape.

Here’s why it’s the best muzzle out there. Harmany Muzzles are:

Customizable. Form it to your horse’s head shape AND dictate the amount of grass he gets.

Comfortable. The lightweight, unrestrictive nature of the muzzles mean happier horses.

Humane. Harmany Muzzles offer 50% more breathing room than traditional muzzles.

Vet-approved. Harmany Muzzles are designed by leading holistic equine vet, Dr. Joyce Harman.

Durable. Kevlar® fibers help prevent wear.

Properly sized. Comes in mini, pony, horse and draft.

Easy to clean.Unlike bucket muzzles made out of rubber and nylon, the Harmany Muzzle is easy to clean with a rag and water so it doesn’t harbor germs, odors and bacteria.

See it in action here.

Watch a molding demo here.

Dr. Harman, who has devoted a good amount of her life’s work to equine insulin resistance, often prescribes grazing muzzles to her clients. After learning that it was necessary for her own horse to wear a muzzle, she set forth to find a better system than the restrictive, heavy muzzles currently available.

“Horse’s are designed to eat 20 hours out of the day, so its just plain cruel to try to starve them into losing weight,” said Dr. Harman. “My life has been about finding ways to help horses live a more normal horse life, grazing in pastures with friends. This muzzle is my contribution to the horses, to help make their lives happier.”

The muzzle can be ordered on the Harmany Muzzles website. 

Dr. Joyce Harman opened Harmany Equine Clinic, Ltd in1990, bringing holistic healing to horses from all walks of life, backyard retirees to Olympic competitors. Over the years, Dr. Joyce Harman has observed and adapted to the changing needs the industry. Twenty-plus years ago, no one had heard of Lyme disease or Insulin Resistance, yet today that makes up a large part of her clinical practice. In 2001, she wrote the first paper in a peer-reviewed journal about the possibility that horses have insulin resistance (IR), and now it is part of our every day conversation. In 2004 she published the first comprehensive book on English saddle fitting since the 1800’s, with the western version of the book following in 2006. To this date, these books are the only books written by an author who is independent from a saddle company, which brings unbiased information to the horse world.






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