Older Horses Compete with Top Joint Care

Equine arthritis is a very real threat to older horses. That’s why horse owners and trainers use LEGEND to help combat aging equine joints. “To keep an older horse going, you have to use measures to help them. And LEGEND is one of those to help their joint health,” says Elle Young, competitor.

Laine Ashker, also a competing equestrian, prizes a 17-year-old as her top horse. “He’s been going at the highest level in eventing since he was an eight-year-old. That’s a lot of jumps, that’s a lot of gallops, that’s a lot of trot sets.” And so, to have a horse that’s been going as an 8-year-old to a 17-year-old at the top level is huge. And I have to credit that all to LEGEND.

Johnnie Copeland, DVM, appreciates LEGEND’s versatility in administration to senior equine. “It’s always nice to have products that you have confidence in and that you can use in multiple situations and ways. We can use it IV or we can use it inter-articular, depending on the circumstance.”

For many, joint dysfunction is the most important factor to deal with as their horses age.

TW Grose, trainer, know the challenges of keeping older horses sound. He owns a former horse legend himself, and continues to treat him like royalty. “I have a retired 22-year-old gelding. I showed him as a youth. He was a world-champion, high point champion in the country. He has a lot of miles on him. LEGEND is something we give him; makes him a lot more comfortable to where he goes out every day, helps his joints.”

For full prescribing information for LEGEND, call 1-888-MERIAL-1, visit www.equinelegend.com, or talk to your veterinarian.

The safety of LEGEND has not been evaluated in breeding stallions or in breeding, pregnant or lactating mares. The following adverse reactions have been reported following use of LEGEND Injectable Solution: Following intravenous use: occasional depression, lethargy, and fever. Following intra-articular (LEGEND Injectable Solution – 2 mL only) use: lameness, joint effusion, joint or injection site swelling, and joint pain.

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