Patent Pending HYBRID Halter Line Expands with Lariat and Breakaway Options That Combines the Best Features of a Webbing and Rope Halter

The only halter on the market to combine the functionality of both a webbing and a rope halter with the addition of a 180 degree slide ring has expanded to include both a lariat and breakaway option. The Patent Pending HYBRID Halter, invented by master young horse developer Kalley Krickeberg and marketed exclusively through the Horse Education Company, has been met with an overwhelming reception since its introduction to the market in October of 2013.

“The response to the HYBRID Halter and the stories we have heard about it helping people with horse training issues they have had for years has been incredibly gratifying,” said Krickeberg.

“We’ve had reports from users who like it because it helps kids and non-horse experienced people because they don’t need to untie a knot or unbuckle a buckle. We’ve heard from people who’ve had to resort to stud chains for years because of horses that have learned to push through pressure, but can use the HYBRID Halter and have a pleasant experience. We’ve had countless accounts of the improved expression and carriage that horses have without a rope halter torqueing on their head. We’ve had farriers express glee that their clients can ground train their horse in the same halter that they cross tie in for the farrier. We’ve had folks who usually use a lungeing caveson, instantly realize the value and convenience of not dragging out a bunch of equipment.”

“The biggest TRAINING advantage of the Hybrid is you get those feels and pressures applied more precisely because the halter doesn’t shift, and of course we want to build those positive patterns as soon as possible when training our horses. If you like to ride in your halter, using the slide ring, you’ll find it slides around to the side you are applying pressure to and acts more like a sidepull and won’t twist the halter on the horse’s face,” said Krickeberg, clearly passionate about her invention.

The new versions of the halter, the Lariat and the Breakaway, each offer unique functionality. The Lariat style, while it shares the same action and influence as the yacht braid HYBRID Halter, will give a degree more control if a horse pushes into it. The Breakaway style features a replaceable breakaway leather poll which in a pullback situation, or situation where a horse gets accidentally caught on something by the halter, is designed to give way before the nylon or hardware. The Breakaway poll is a common safety requirement in some boarding situations and competitions, such as Pony Club.

Benefits of the Patented HYBRID Halter:

  • You can crosstie with it, trailer with it and personalize it
  • You can use it for groundwork training and your horse won’t lean on it
  • Strategically placed noseband knots or lariat noseband encourage lightness
  • It has the precise fit of a web halter and won’t tighten down if your horse pulls back
  • It directs a signal to exactly the right spot thanks to its 180 degree slide ring
  • Used as a hackamore, you’ll enjoy sidepull like action
  • It won’t torque a horse’s head to the side like a rope halter will
  • Its fit stays true and won’t loosen or sag like a rope halter
  • Easy, one-handed on/off with no knots required thanks to the jowl snap
  • When lungeing, you don’t have to change your lunge line depending on your horse’s direction of travel

For more information on the new styles, or to buy your HYBRID Halter, visit or call The Horse Education Company at 630-608-0804.

Kalley Krickeberg is a master young horse developer, presenter and horsewoman who has dedicated her life to finding the right combination of techniques and exercises to capture the heart, obedience and athleticism of her horses. She has taken all of her prior experiences–excelling in polo, working with the Budweiser Clydesdales, starting colts, taming wild mustangs, and giving countless inspirational and educational demonstrations–and applied every lesson learned to her horse development. “Like” Kalley on Facebook at and view the entire Horse Education line of DVDs, professional grade equipment and horse developer fashion at






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