Patent Pending Hybrid Halter Line Expands with New Leather Versions

The Patent Pending Hybrid Halter line has expanded to include a new premium leather version, marrying the best of both worlds…the tradition of a leather halter and the training innovation of a Hybrid Halter with its rope nose, pressure point effect and sidepull sliding ring action. The end result is a handsome halter that fits in the most elite of settings, while offering convenience and lightness in hand.

“The response to the Hybrid continues to be overwhelmingly positive and the new leather versions make it a viable option to a traditional leather halter for discriminating buyers who rely on a leather halter now, but may not have the lightness on the ground that they want,” said Hybrid Halter inventor Kalley Krickeberg.

Krickeberg, who is widely known for her work with young horses, elaborated, “The biggest training advantage of the Hybrid is you have the opportunity to apply pressure more clearly and precisely than either a strap or rope halter. Because it has a rope nose, it discourages a horse leaning on it and because of its leather construction, it doesn’t shift like a rope halter would. With any horse, but particularly those bound for a competitive outcome, we want to build those positive responses to pressure in every interaction and from the earliest possible age. Understanding of how to respond appropriately to pressure makes a horse’s life safer for him and more enjoyable for everyone who interacts with that individual.”

The latest leather styles, available in either black triple stitched leather with black yachting braid rope or mahogany leather with sand yachting braid rope, offer the same convenience of brass plate personalization any other leather halter would, but with effective, kind and clear training leverage no other leather halter can offer.

The cheek pieces through the crown piece is consistent to the traditional flat halter. The nose/chin piece, jowl piece and connection piece are made of high quality soft yachting braid, like a traditional rope halter. The yacht rope of the HYBRID Halter’s nosepiece has nose knots to encourage lightness, while a sliding ring under the chin allows the halter ring and the snap of a rope or lunge line to slide a full 180 degrees.

“The magic of the Hybrid is really in the slide ring, it allows you to have leverage on the nose,” said Krickeberg. “When leading or doing groundwork, horses virtually always push into pressure with their nose. By changing that simple dynamic in a way that is clear and comfortable to the horse, we see an improved response. As with anything, a clear request makes a clear response possible.”

The new leather Hybrid styles are available in Average Single Buckle to fit Thoroughbreds, Paints and Quarter Horses or a Large Double Buckle size suitable for most Warmbloods.

For more information on the new styles, or to buy your HYBRID Halter, visit or call The Horse Education Company at 630-608-0804.

Kalley Krickeberg is a master young horse developer, presenter and horsewoman who has dedicated her life to finding the right combination of techniques and exercises to capture the heart, obedience and athleticism of her horses. She has taken all of her prior experiences–excelling in polo, working with the Budweiser Clydesdales, starting colts, taming wild mustangs, and giving countless inspirational and educational demonstrations–and applied every lesson learned to her horse development. She is the inventor of the patent pending HYBRID Halter, which combines the best features of a web and rope halter while eliminating the disadvantages of each, is the horse training columnist for the American Paint Horse Association’s lifestyle magazine CHROME and is a collaborator with $5 Million Dollar Rider Shawn Flarida on The Sport of Reining: Training the Young Reiner DVD which was released late in 2013. Above it all though, she is a horse trainer and keeps a full time string of horses in training despite her busy schedule. “Like” Kalley on Facebook and join her 168,000 fans at and view the entire Horse Education line of DVDs, professional grade equipment and horse developer fashion at






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