Pre-Vent Feeders Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness; Introduces Pink Feeder to Market

Aug. 27, 2013 -- Pre-Vent Feeders announces the expansion of its product line of horse feeders designed to enhance horses’ health and reduce feed waste. The company has a new pink-colored version in honor of breast cancer awareness.

Aug. 27, 2013 — Pre-Vent Feeders is excited to announce the expansion of its product line of horse feeders designed to enhance horses’ health and reduce feed waste. The company is launching a new pink-colored version of the Pre-Vent Feeder in honor of breast cancer awareness, with a portion of sales in October 2013 being donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

“We are excited to offer the pink Standard Pre-Vent Feeder, because it will bring attention not only to horses’ feeding needs, but also to a great cause,” said Kaelin Hanks, vice president of sales and marketing at Pre-Vent Feeders. “Our customers suggested it, so pink was definitely the way to go to introduce our first color feeder!”

Pre-Vent Feeders are available in two sizes, but only one of them is being produced in pink at this time. The Standard Pre-Vent Feeder, available in pink or black, has five angled compartments at the bottom of the feeder. It is the perfect fit for barns, stalls and traveling with horses. The High Capacity Pre-Vent Feeder is available in black only, with eight angled compartments. The larger size is great option for horses in pastures and for feeding both grain and hay in the same feeder.

Both sizes of the Pre-Vent Feeders offer the same benefits to horses and their owners. The feeders reduce feed and supplement waste, can help reduce the risk of choke and colic and can also help to reduce post-surgical complications.

The Pre-Vent horse feeder is the first and only horse feeder designed to imitate a horse’s natural grazing behavior. The Pre-Vent Feeder’s patent pending wide base and angled compartments are designed to make a horse use his tongue and lips to retrieve small amounts of grain, requiring him to concentrate and keep his head down while feeding–slowing feeding and reducing feed waste.

The Pre-Vent feeder was developed by a horse owner who witnessed a severe choke episode of a horse in her care. Since its introduction, the Pre-Vent Feeder’s team has heard from hundreds of horse owners and veterinarians about the simple effectiveness of the product.

Pre-Vent Feeder products are now available at leading farm stores, tack shops and retailers in 30 states and in Canada. A full list of retail and online locations is available at For more information or for retail or distribution opportunities, contact 1-888-805-7770.






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