ProFormula Labs Rebrands Equine Performance Formulas

ProFormula Labs, a Uckele company, has relaunched the equine performance product line with a refreshed new look and packaging. The formulas will remain unchanged due to the formulas’ popularity and effectiveness, with the exceptions of Sound Solution and Easy Going Paste, which have been reformulated to address product consistency issues. Active ingredients will not change.

Mike Uckele, CEO, said the objective of ProFormula’s new look is to give the brand a stronger shelf presence, “Lyte Now has been ProFormula’s flagship product, and it has produced a robust and faithful following. By giving the line a powerful presence that better reflects the high performance nature of the products, we expect to improve brand recognition across the entire line.”

ProFormula Labs, a Uckele owned company, is a dealer exclusive line of products specifically formulated to meet the needs of serious, high performance trainers for training and competitive excellence. The formulas range from a variety of electrolyte and performance formulas, to vitamin-mineral formulas and joint support for the elite equine athlete. The line is especially popular with Standardbred trainers, barrel racers and endurance enthusiasts. For more information, please contact [email protected], call 800-248-0330 or visit

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