Razer Shoes and Propads Offer Sound Solution for Trail Horses

Whether on rocky, mountainous paths, through thick, green forests, or down warm, sandy beaches, trail riding can be one of the most relaxing and fun activities with your horse. Keeping your partner happy, healthy and sound, however, can sometimes be an issue.

While we wish our horses could remain barefoot all the time, hauling and rough terrain often requires the need for protection. After all, we wouldn’t expect you to go on a hike without the equipment to make it an enjoyable venture.

If your horse only needs wear protection and traction, Razer shoes are an excellent alternative to traditional steel shoes. When applied as suggested, Razer shoes hold up and wear the same length of time as a traditional steel shoe, but offer much more natural hoof movement and function as well as excellent traction.

When riding on rocky ground, our technical advisors suggest using a combination of Razer horseshoes and Propads. Because the shoe’s low profile doesn’t offer the protection that a taller shoe offers, using hoof pads will still allow your horse to have barefoot function while offering the protection to keep you traveling down the trail in almost any situation.

The life expectancy of Propads is incomparable, as they can be reset multiple times due to their high-quality polyurethane material. We suggest either keeping them as a full pad with packing material to provide extra sole protection while on rocky terrain, or the cutting the center out to allow for air flow and easy cleaning of the hoof.

Extremely versatile, Propads can be used with any open heel shoe. Should you decide to go with a different horseshoe, Propads will not only make your horse more comfortable, but increase proper weight distribution and blood flow.

Overall, Razer horseshoes and Propads offer a sound solution for equipping your trail horse. In the end, we can all agree that when your horse is happy, everyone is sure to have a more enjoyable experience!

Razerhorse is a hoof care company that promotes better health and performance through science and technology. Razerhorse products are designed to mimic the natural function of the hoof while providing the protection needed for today’s performance horses. Razerhorse currently offers two products: the Razer horseshoe, a tempered tool steel shoe that allows the hoof to flex like a bare foot, and the Propad, a shock-absorbing polyurethane hoof pad that features an accordion-like independent frog support. To learn more about Razer shoes and Propads or to find a dealer near you, visit or call 855-95-RAZER.

A cut Propad used with a Razer shoe.






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