Royal Fell Pony Carltonlima Emma Joins Best of British Collection

The native ponies of the British Isles are revered among horse lovers for their intelligence, character and sturdy conformation which developed over many years as working partners to the farmers, tradesmen and country folk of Britain. One of these, the Fell Pony, is among Britain’s most loved native breeds. It is associated with the North of England in places like the Cumbria’s Lake District, where the “fell” (from ancient Nordic languages meaning mountain) referred to high mountainous areas used as common grazing land. Here, the Fell Pony developed over the centuries adapting to the harsh terrain, used first as pack animals and for light agriculture, and then as the riding and driving show and pleasure pony of today.

In 2016, Breyer Animal Creations will add a new sculpture of a Fell Pony to its Traditional line as part of the Best of British Collection. The new sculpture is a portrait model of the Fell Pony mare Carltonlima Emma, the trusted mount of HM Queen Elizabeth II. HM Queen Elizabeth II is the patron of the Fell Pony Society and a supporter of all things equestrian. Breyer will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Carltonlima Emma to help support the Fell Pony Society in its work to preserve this native British Breed and to Girlguiding for its work in teaching girls to love and support nature.

HM Queen Elizabeth can often be seen enjoying a ride on Emma in the grounds of Windsor Castle. Emma was bred by Murthwaite Fell Pony Stud whose owners follow the old ways, allowing their ponies to live semi-feral on the ‘Fell,’ as did their Viking predecessors.

Fell Ponies are known for their intelligence and stamina, and their agility and strength. They measure about 13.2-14 hands high and have straight, sturdy legs with plenty of feather and lively “pony” features: smallish ears, fine muzzle and bright, alert eyes. Straight silky feathers, manes and tails are preferred and acceptable colors include black, brown, bay and grey. They have a steady temperament and regular, comfortable gaits. Sculptor Kathleen Moody captured the details and the essence of these lively ponies with her portrait of Carltonlima Emma.

Breyer’s Carltonlima Emma models will debut at retail in the UK at the famed Olympia Horse Show, held Dec. 15-21, 2015, at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in Hammersmith, West London, and will be widely available at toy stores and tack stores in January 2016. Carltonlima Emma will be available in the USA at retail in January 2016.

For details in the USA, please contact Breyer at or call 800-413-3348.

For horse-crazy kids, there are only two kinds of horses: real horses and Breyer model horses. The iconic Breyer brand, a division of Reeves International, was founded in 1950, and is the leader in creating the world’s most authentic and realistic model horses for play and collecting. These hand-painted, collectible model horses and animals have a worldwide following, thanks to the incredible sculptures that form the foundation of the line. Today, Breyer has expanded its line to include play and craft activity sets and horsey accessories for its younger fans and its collector lines to include resins, crystal and porcelain. To see the complete line of Breyer horses, find a retailer near you, and to learn more about Breyer events and the model horse hobby, visit us at!






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