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If you lock your car in a garage, why leave your saddle vulnerable to theft and damage? Today’s high-performance saddles can rival the investment in a new subcompact car, while the average tack trunk is still mired in 19th century design and security. Meet SaddleLockers, the next generation in tack boxes, whose galvanized steel, foldable vertical lockers debut at Booth #727 from Equine Affaire-Ohio, April 10-13 in the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus.

SaddleLockers offer a completely new approach to better security, privacy, ease and quality of storage for today’s high-performance equestrian sports athletes. Why? Because they weren’t designed by a horse person. creator Rainer Herrmann of HERCO, LLC works in Detroit’s automotive industry and was introduced to ‘horse life’ through his wife, Megan, and her dressage riding and their daughter’s riding lessons. Applying his engineer’s objectivity to what he found at the barn, Herrmann didn’t decide to just pimp a tack box: he did an entire conceptual overhaul.

SaddleLockers are now the only equestrian foldable steel locker available for purchase in the U.S. Their accordion-style design allows a 180-pound, 71” x 30” x 30”, 20-gauge stationary steel locker to be collapsed in one minute and moved to a new location.

“Shows and barns can be very public, high-traffic areas,” he said. “SaddleLockers assure no more accidental ‘borrowing’ or unwanted animals sleeping on equipment.”

Megan, the dressage rider in the family, agreed: “We know the most important and costly investment, next to a horse, is saddle and gear. We’ve created SaddleLockers to satisfy the need in our industry for safe, practical and portable storage of riding equipment.”

SaddleLockers stationary and mobile units are available in standard galvanized steel, black, blue and green; colors and logos can be customized. SaddleLocker accessories further assure that each locker offers its owner a perfect ‘saddle fit.’

Stationary SaddleLockers include two saddle racks, two bridle racks, two rope hooks, adjustable shelves for custom fit, adjustable feet for leveling and a three-point locking system.

Mobile SaddleLockers are designed for travel, including rough terrain, and weigh 174 pounds in a more compact 51” x 30” x 30” unit. Mobile lockers have the same three-point locking system, plus movable bridle racks, adjustable shelves, air wheels for easy mobility, and a bottom tray to protect against scratching.

Equine Affaire, the largest horse-related trade show in North America, offers horse people of all disciplines, breed persuasions, and skill levels a chance to shop, network and learn from guest clinicians such as Jim Wofford, Janet Foy, Michael Barisone, Marc Johnson and Bernie Traurig. See for more information.

Meet the Herrmanns and see the SaddleLockers at Booth #727 at Equine Affaire-Ohio and see this revolutionary design firsthand, or visit

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