Three-Rail Horse Fencing is Weatherables’ Best-Selling Horse Fence

Weatherables by USA Vinyl is an industry leader offering wholesale direct access to premium quality, made in the USA, vinyl horse fencing. Last year, it sold nearly four times more 3-Rail horse fencing than all its other horse fence products combined.

What makes the 3-Rail Horse Fence so popular?First, Weatherables is seeing more customers choose vinyl over other materials because its vinyl better meets the need for visibility, strength, clean surface and low maintenance–all key aspects of what makes the best fencing*.

  1. Visibility A Weatherables fence is highly visible to horses and will keep them safer, preventing them from accidentally running into it.
  2. Strength A fence should be strong enough to withstand impact and prevent injury when a horse runs in to it playfully, accidentally or when they test its strength deliberately and casually. Weatherables’ vinyl is premium quality and 20-50% stronger than its competitors.
  3. Surface A fence without sharp edges, nails, wires and other rough protrusions will help prevent painful injuries when horses lean, scratch or fall onto the fence. Weatherables uses a screwless notch system that keeps the surface clean and eliminates gradual loosening, keeping your horses safe from harm.
  4. Maintenance A Weatherables fence is nearly maintenance free, with no painting or staining required and only light cleaning needed. It resists humidity and won’t chip, rot or crack.

Weatherables 3-Rail Horse Fence is simply one of the best vinyl horse fences on the market. It is the best sold horse fence because it carries the best value. However, many needs are also better met by the 2-Rail, 4-Rail or Cross-Buck. Stable management and planning will help determine the best horse fence for your property and 4-legged family.

Weatherables by USA Vinyl is a reputable industry leader in premium quality, made in the USA vinyl fences, railings, pergolas, gazebos, outdoor vinyl or wood accessories and a variety of garden products. For more information visit, call 1-888-743-3673 or email

*Based on Fence Planning for Horses, Penn State College of Agricultural Science (2009).






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