What’s In the Bag?

There’s a new line of feed hitting stores in early June from Pennfield Equine Feed Technologies called Ultra, a life-cycle feed with multiple formulas organized into four different bag designs. Ultra replaces the former Phase Feeds line, and is similar enough in formulation so that little or no changeover period is required for those making the switch.

Here are the four options:

1) Ultra Breeder comes in a blue bag and customers can choose between Foal’s Choice, or Broodmare and Yearling’s Choice.

2) Ultra Adult comes in a red bag and includes Pleasure Choice or Performance Choice.

3) Ultra Senior comes in a bronze bag and offers Senior’s Choice or Senior’s Energized Choice.

4) Ultra Balancer comes in a green bag and has only one formula, a ration balancer or easy-keeper feed.

Check out www.PennfieldEquine.com/newsdetails.php?id=40 for more information.

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