Why Only White? Sox For Horses, Inc. Comes Clean About No-Color

In the history of surgical attire, white was the standard color in the operating room to emphasize cleanliness. But as the combined bright lights and all-white environments led to eye strain among surgeons and staff, hospitals abandoned white “scrubs” in favor of softer contrasting shades of green or blue. Colors changed, but not the “scrubbed” bacteria-free environment.

So when Sox For Horses, Inc. founder president Raymond Petterson is asked why his internationally popular pull-on equine leg wear don’t come in a rainbow of color choices, he stands by the importance of the bacteria-free environment created under his all-white Silver Whinnys and Whinny Warmers.

“Antimicrobial yarns are white. Because of their content, they do not take dyes well. To get colors, you have to choose fibers that take to color and that means fiber that also attracts bacteria. Inexpensive Ferre yarn, that comes in all colors of the rainbow, also contains a high content of cotton, which absorbs bacteria and fungi. Yes, you get pretty colors,” said Petterson, “and yes, you get a petri dish for bacteria and fungus.

“White socks also reflect sunlight, helping to keep them cool on the legs during the summer. White works in concert with high-tech moisture-managing yarns that wick moisture from the skin surface, keeping it dry and cool. Colors would totally defeat those functions,” Petterson continued. “Colors also absorb sunlight, which adds heat.

“We choose science and function over cute and colorful,” he concluded. “You can have cute or you can have a proven, science-based bandage barrier that performs to keep legs clean and free of debris, insects and bio-burden in the socks. Your choice.”

Sox For Horse, Inc. is an American-made product and company, as well as proud sponsors of Appaloosa European Championships Freestyle Reining Silver medalist Cecilia Schoof of Germany, and Australian dressage and eventing rider Kerry Masterson. Its trademark all-white pull-up equine leg wear designs have been helping owners better help their equines since 2007. Visit or call 850-907-5724.






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