Dealing With Unwanted Wildlife on Horse Properties

Birds and small mammals attracted to barns can cause disease and damage. Here’s how to discourage or remove them from your property.

Stable Management Extra, Volume 32: Dealing With Unwanted Wildlife

Some wildlife, such as insect-eating barn swallows or the herd of deer grazing in your back pasture, can be desirable. But others, such as skunks, opossums, and rodents, can act as vectors for diseases ranging from leptospirosis to rabies. Out-of-control unwanted critters can also damage property and structures or create unhygienic messes.

In this volume of Stable Management Extra, our sources will describe ways to deter unwanted visitors and prevent the complications they can cause.

  • How to eliminate wildlife habitats on your property
  • Species-specific control recommendations
  • Using humane live cage traps

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