Dr. Krishona Martinson, University of Minnesota

Research Update: Energy Expenditure During Horseback Riding
This study highlights the importance of horseback riding as a viable tool to support health through physical activity.
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Ask the Expert: Ditch Hay for Horses
If hay supplies are limited in your area because of drought, be cautious of buying "ditch hay" for your horses.
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Nonstructural Carbohydrates in Horse Pastures Video
This short University of Minnesota Extension video will help you understand nonstructural carbohydrates in horse pastures.
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Tips on Managing Drought-Stressed Horse Pastures
Use these 10 tips for managing drought-stressed cool-season grass horse pastures.
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Tips on Purchasing Large Round Bales of Hay for Horses promo image
Tips on Purchasing Large Round Bales of Hay for Horses
If you want to buy large round bales of hay for horses, read these tips.
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Homemade Horse Treats promo image
Research Update: The Impact of Packaging on the Stability of Horse Treats
Researchers concluded that packaging type impacted shelf life and horse preference of treats.
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Research Update: Cooling a Hot Horse
The essential feature for cooling was not the water temperature or the use of scraping, but that the horse was kept covered in water cooler than its body temperature over an extended period.
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How Many Small Hay Bales Equals One Large Round Bale?
It important to know the weight of both small square and large round hay bales to determine feeding rate and economic costs.
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Research Update: Horse Hay Soaking and Nitrates
Hay soaking could be used by horse owners to reduce nitrate levels when high-nitrate hay is the only forage available.
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