AAPF/CAPF Expresses Appreciation to Educational Partners

The American Association of Professional Farriers and Canadian Association of Professional Farriers are pleased to recognize the thirty (30) companies which have committed to being “AAPF/CAPF Educational Partners.” Their partnership has allowed us to fund AAPF/CAPF Hoofcare Essentials Clinics and other educational functions throughout the United States and Canada.

Originally it was suggested that the AAPF/CAPF would sponsor 4-5 clinics per year. With the overwhelming support for this program, we now plan to sponsor 8-10 clinics during the next 12 months. The AAPF/CAPF has also been able to purchase a complete audio visual package (projector, screen and sound system) which will help reduce the costs for hosts of the clinics.

The AAPF/CAPF will provide one or two clinicians for each one day clinic based upon the projected attendance.

Upcoming AAPF/CAPF sponsored clinics include:

• September 18 & 19 – Life Data Labs, Cherokee, Alabama
• Clinicians: Current AAPF/CAPF Board of Directors
• October 3 – Olympia Farrier Supply, Olympia, Washington
• Clinicians: Steve Kraus APF CJF & Adam Wynbrandt APF
• October 10 – Well-Shoe Farrier Supply, Amarillo, Texas
• Clinicians: Kirk Adkins MS APF CJF & Curtis Burns APF
• March 12 (2016) – Crossroads Farrier Supply, Palmyra, Virginia
• March 19 (2016) – Ken Davis & Sons, Richwood, Ohio
• April 22 & 23 (2016) – Meader Supply, Rochester, New Hampshire
• Clinicians: Roy Bloom APF CJF & Tom Willoughby APF CF

Current AAPF/CAPF Educational Partners include:

• American Farriers Journal
• Anvil Brand Shoe Company
• Big Blu Hammer Mfg Company
• Blacksmith Buddy
• Bloom Forge
• Daisy Haven Farm: School of Integrative Hoofcare
• Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center
• Equicast Inc.
• Farrier Product Distribution
• Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil
• Hanton Horseshoes
• The Horseshoe Barn
• Life Data Labs Inc.
• Markel Insurance Company
• Meader Supply
• NC Tool Company
• Nature Farms Farrier Supply
• Nutrena/Cargill
• Oklahoma Horseshoeing School & Purcell Farrier Supply
• Palm Beach Farrier Service (James Gilchrist APF)
• Polyflex Horseshoes/EasyCare Inc
• Razerhorse
• Save Edge Inc.
• SoundHorse Technologies Inc
• Vettec Inc.
• Visby Products Farrier Supplies
• Well-Shod Farrier Supply (Ranchers Supply)
• Werkman Horseshoes
• W.F. Young Company

For additional information about this unique opportunity, please contact Executive Director Bryan Quinsey at 859-533-1465 or

The American & Canadian Associations of Professional Farriers are non-profit trade organizations created in 2012 to represent the interests of professional farriers and others involved in the farrier industry. The primary objectives of the new associations are: continuing education, member support and serving as a hoof-care reference for horse owners. The AAPF/CAPF is headquartered in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

Note: The AAPF/CAPF logo and photos are available by contacting Bryan Quinsey at 859-533-1465.






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