Applications Being Accepted for Trick Horse Training Camp April 2015

Make learning fun again for your horse and create an interactive bond between the two of you with Enlightened Trick Horse Training. Imagine A Horse is accepting applications for the Spring 2015 Trick Horse Training Camp, April 22-25.

Enlightened Trick Horse Training is about increasing the intelligence, predictability and adaptability of today’s companion horse. The methods combine classical horsemanship principles, tricks, agility and gymnastic moves to increase mental acuity, physical strength and range of motion. AND it’s about making learning FUN for the horse.

Master Trick Horse Trainers Allen Pogue and Sue De Laurentis have designed a curriculum that allows campers plenty of “hands on” time with an entire troupe of horses in various stages of training. There is no need bring a horse.

De Laurentis said, “Our goal is to provide quality hands-on instruction so campers will have the tools and knowledge to take home and then teach their own horses. It looks like tricks but we’ve compiled equine information and education that you just won’t learn anywhere else in this time frame.”

The all new Trick Horse Companion Training Manual is included with over 240 pages of detailed instructions and 300 full color photos.

Attendance for camp is limited to 12 individuals and one media position. The limited attendance assures that all will have plenty of hands on participation. Campers will work directly with Sue and her husband, Allen Pogue, associate arainer Kristi Reavis, and graduate assistant Mary Stewart.

Here’s what campers will learn:

Pedestal Training, not just how, but why horses love the pedestals. Lots of techniques both in-hand and at Liberty, all configurations of pedestals including revolving, two-tier and many more.

Tricks of Trust, including the Obeisance, Bow, Kneel, Lay Down, Sit Up and Sit Down. A progression that makes sense to the horse.

Tricks of Agility, the Jambette or Salute, the Rear, using the target board, the climbing wall and many variations on the Agility Platform.

Tricks of Gait such as the Spanish Walk, the March Step and how to maximize individual gait variations.

Tricks of Engagement, the Retrieve, herding and retrieving the big ball, and the smile,

Liberty Training with one horse and then multiple horses, circus style.

The Imagine A Horse teaching style emphasizes equestrian tact, successful two way communication and fun for horse and human.

Camp hours are 9 to 5 daily (4 full days) and total price is $1,150 with breakfast and lunch included. Accommodations are close by and RV hook ups are available at the ranch.

For more details please contact Sue De Laurentis at, call 512-736-3208 or visit the website at






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