Connected Riding Workshop Extraordinaire in Houston Nov. 22 -23

If you are going to ride your horse, what is the most important thing your horse must be able to do? Carry the rider. How do you prepare your horse to carry a rider? By helping him develop his postural muscles. Want to know more?

Come audit an upcoming Connected Riding Biomechanics workshop at the Houston Mounted Patrol Facility in Houston, Texas, on Nov. 22-23, 2014, which is all made possible by the Houston Mounted Patrol, Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH), a “Now That’s A Walking Horse!” grant by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Connected Riding senior instructors Debbie Davies and Jillian Kreinbring. Talk about a partnership for the good of the horse! This is a partnership of “great!”

You won’t want to miss this extraordinary opportunity to learn from two internationally known students of equine osteopathy about weight bearing posture and why it is important for the biomechanical development and longevity (useful life) of the horse. Participants will learn to efficiently use their body, readily improve their horse’s performance; ride without compression, pain or stress; reduce rider-induced ‘bridle lameness’ in horses; and have more ease, fun and longevity in riding. Everything learned promotes freedom of movement and reciprocity through elastic connection between horse and rider, creating the magic of being ‘in sync.’ More information is available at

Debbie Davies is a Connected Riding Senior Instructor Clinician, studying with Peggy Cummings since 1996, British Horse Society certified, ARIA certified, Quantum Energetics certified practitioner for horses and humans, Founder/Creator of Equine Self –Expression, an equine assisted learning program and completed her Equine Osteopathic studies at the Vluggen Institute. Jillian Kreinbring is a Connected Riding Senior Instructor, studying with Peggy Cummings since 2001. She was the head trainer at Circle L Ranch in Germany, pursued a master’s program at the University of Wisconsin in equine movement with development guided by Dr. Hilary Clayton.

The Houston Mounted Patrol program is one of the best mounted patrol programs in the country. Horses are either barefoot or booted, started using natural horsemanship principles, fed a natural diet and turned out in a pasture on their days off to interact with a herd. Many of the patrol mounts are gaited horses. Mounted patrol units from all across the U.S. visit them regularly to observe and study their program.

FOSH promotes education regarding the humane care, training and treatment of all gaited horses for their emotional, mental and physical well-being. FOSH focuses on educating people on sound training principles; supporting sound gaited horse events and activities; and working to end soring. FOSH publishes the only all gaited breed magazine in print in the world, the Sound Advocate, that provides sound education and training to gaited horse owners. For more information, visit

Come experience this extraordinary “one-of a kind” workshop for a $100 donation. Contact ASAP to reserve your auditor spot. Spaces are extremely limited.






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