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Here are my Editor’s Picks:

1. Your Important Papers: What, Why and How Long to Keep

2. Five Steps to Better Time Management in the Stable

3. Expert Tips on Buying and Selling Horse Farms

4. Water Bucket Dangers for Horses

5. Strategic Planning Basics

6. Legal Trends in the Equine Industry

7. Tips to Buy Smart When Shopping for a Horse Trailer

8. Three Tips on Email Etiquette

9. Budgeting Basics for Farms and Stables

10. Tips on Raising Fees

11. How to Turn No into Yes

12. Best Environmental Practices for Your Horse Farm

13. Handling Complaints

14. Managing Client Expectations

15. Cash Flow Management Tips

16. 5 Clutter Busters for Spring

17. Unfrozen Water series (produced in January)

18. Planning for the Transition of Farm/Stable Ownership

19. Dispelling Myths About Strangles

20. Consider a Sacrifice Lot This Spring to Save Fields

21. Understanding Vitamins for Horses

22. Foal Milk Replacer Basics

23. Why Choose a Veterinarian Dentist

24. Design for Your Horse’s Sense of Hearing

25. Encourage Boarders to Vaccinate Against Rabies

26. Learn How to Read the Tires on Your Horse Trailer

27. Shocking Energy Costs and How to Reduce Them

at Your Stable

28. Boarding Contracts: Get it in Writing

29. Tips on What to Pay Stable Workers

30. Behavioral Considerations When Housing Horses






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