Using Excel for Equine Business List Management

Social media and electronic communication platforms have given horse owners and enthusiasts access to endless amounts of information at a rapid-fire pace.

Excel worksheets can help you keep up-to-date on the contact information for your boarders.

“You need to be communicating and modifying your offerings according to what your customers are saying. And perhaps you need to be changing the industry for the better,” said Bruce Mandeville, a professor of equine science at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, and a two-time Olympian for the Canadian Equestrian Team competing in Three-Day Eventing.

The most effective way to reach customers and prospective customers is through a list. Lists allow you to send targeted messages and efficiently reach a large group of people.

When you need to send an update to boarders, an Excel lists allows you to quickly identify those individuals and send one email to multiple people at the same time using a program such as Similarly, if you want to advertise a lesson specials package to attract new customers, you can use a list to send a message only to potential customers.

A well-maintained list can be uploaded and used with specialized marketing and accounting software or newsletter services that automate messages. Lists can also be used to quickly create mailing labels for printed business mailings and/or holiday greetings.

“Excel is an excellent resource,” Mandeville said, “(it’s a starting point) for your marketing efforts.”

Used in conjunction with other platforms like Facebook, blogs, other social media, lists help you get to better know your audience, keep track of their information and gather their thoughts and experiences with your stable.

Remember, a list is only as good as the information put into it. For the best results, regularly update and maintain information within the list so that it is accurate when you go to use it. 






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