Expenses in the First 21 Days Post-Breeding

Horse breeders today are being more careful about the selection and cost of bringing another horse into this world. Even if you have a plan for your foal and understand the problems of today’s economy in raising, training, and selling a horse, before breeding your mare, consider the expenses you’ll face to (hopefully) get a healthy foal on the ground.

Your mare can be confirmed in foal by ultrasound scan 12 to 15 days after breeding, or about three weeks after the onset of the heat cycle in which she was bred.

Figure 1 below compares basic expenses of getting to this point. Whether you breed her at home or send her to a breeding farm, you might need to add in some other veterinary services from Figure 2 (depending on your mare and her history).

A normal, healthy mare may take up to three cycles to conceive–so even if your mare is fertile and problem-free, these figures might only be a starting point.

This also doesn’t include the cost of semen or live cover charges.

These figures are based on information from two East Coast equine veterinary practices. Prices may vary from clinic to clinic as well as geographically.

Figure 1: The Basics

  • Farm Calls (5), $35-$140
  • Palpations (4), $30-$40 each
  • Ultrasound Scan (1), $60-$67
  • Board (21 days at the breeding clinic/farm), $25-60 per day

Total = $880-$2,187

Figure 2: “As Needed” services might up that total.

  • Artificial Insemination, $48-$50
  • Reproductive Exam, $50-$65
  • Uterine Culture, $60-$113
  • Uterine Biopsy, $127-$155
  • Infusion, $89
  • Caslick’s procedure, $53-$60
  • Hormone Injection, $37
  • Oral Progesterone, $10

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