Facebook as an Equine Business Marketing Tool

A good Facebook page engages the public, responds to followers' comments and is frequently updated.

Credit: Thinkstock A good Facebook page engages the public, responds to followers’ comments and is frequently updated.

Are you using Facebook as part of your stable’s marketing plan? If so, maintaining your presence is more than posting updates. A good Facebook page engages the public, responds to followers’ comments and is frequently updated.

“Social media puts your customers to work for you to easily refer and build support for a valued company or product,” said Claudette Thornton, a marketing consultant in Upstate New York.

Content drives page success. Try featuring expert advice from trainers you work with, offer sales and contests or opt for paid promotions to highlight the services offered at your stable.

“This (in-depth) strategy will require staff time to implement, but can otherwise be a very effective marketing tool with little additional investment,” she said.

Know your Audience

Facebook was first popular among college students and teenagers. More recently, demographics have shifted to older generations. Be aware that you may only be reaching one segment of your target audience. Ask your clients what social media they and their friends use most of the time and why.

Diversify Social Media Efforts

Each social media platform has benefits and challenges. Avoid relying on one social media outlet. It’s equally unwise to use them all. Pick two or three outlets that are most popular with your clients and potential clients.

Facebook Promotions

Businesses can pay for “promoted posts” to increase views. “The paid promotion opportunities are actually very reasonable while offering the advertiser a great deal of flexibility with respect to timing and reach,” Thornton said.

Read and Follow Facebook Terms of Use

Admittedly, it’s difficult to keep pace with all the fine print. However, it’s crucial you follow all rules, especially when running any contests or drawings. Contests add a layer of complexity. In addition to following Facebook’s policy for contests, it’s important to know that state and federal laws may differ.

Still Relevant?

“Even with Facebook’s recent changes (and no doubt, these aren’t the last of them), it’s still a valuable tool for building a company’s brand, promoting its values, and increasing customers and engagement,” Thornton concluded.






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