Free Screen Capture Tool for Computers

There are many times we want to do a screen capture so we can share what we are looking at on our computers, but often we don’t know how to do it. I recommend Jing from TechSmith, which has a free, easy-to-use screen capture software that works extremely well.

Once you download the software to your computer, an icon in the shape of the sun appears on your desktop. To take a screen capture, mouse over the icon, click on the capture icon (big plus sign), and set the area you want to grab by using your mouse.

When you release the mouse button, a menu pops up that lets you select your next move–copy, capture an image or video, redo or cancel.

Then another menu pops up with multiple tools that allows you to share, save or copy the image. If you choose copy, for example, you can paste the capture as you would anything else (in an e-mail, another document, a PowerPoint presentation, etc.).

The software also lets you copy videos or your movements on your own computer screen.

Jing free screen capture software is a great addition to your applications folder on your computer, and you’ll find yourself using it daily. In my experience, with the Jing free screen capture software, there are no worries that come with downloading an application off the Internet. There are paid upgrades if you want to do more with the software.

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