Giving Back With Horses at Community Events

Whether taking a horse to an event or gathering fellow riders to help a charity, your equine facility can give back to the community.

Something as simple as creating a food drive donation box at the barn can help your boarders feel more like a team.

Supporting community events is one of the easiest ways a horse facility can get involved philanthropy. For barns with an interest in supporting equine-related events, connecting with the state’s horse council, the local cooperative extension and other local groups is the best place to start. These organizations often know of clubs, non-profits or events that need support. 

The opportunities for helping can be diverse, from running gates at a benefit horse show to maintaining public trails, to donating to a fundraising event, to having horses present at a community event.

In past years, Adam D’Agostino, the head coach of the Albion College Equestrian Team, has volunteered with the World Of Horses display, which is part of the New York State Fair. As an American Paint Horse Professional Horsemen, he brought a registered Paint horse to the multi-week display as part of the larger event to give fairgoers an introduction to different breeds of horses.

“That was an opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life,” he said. “Some who have ridden and others who had never been near a horse before.”

There are also a plethora of community events that farm and stable owners can participate in outside of the equine industry. Local newspapers and digital news outlets often maintain a calendar of events that are looking for participants. 

For example, 5k walk/runs are typically fundraisers for charities. You can encourage a group of boarders or those who take riding lessons to sign up and participate together. 

Many local public schools work with food pantries to collect food and divide it up into backpacks that can be sent home with students in need. A stable can gather a group and choose a day to go and assist those efforts.






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