Do You Have Too Many Horses?

Credit: Thinkstock What do you do when you finally admit that you have too many horses?

As winter approaches (or for some of us as winter is outside the window), we need to take a realistic look at how much land we have, how many horses we have on that land, and what to do if you have too many horses for your space or budget. Sometimes this occurs as owners “give” us horses or we take in horses that might work in our program. But at some point we have to realistically look at whether we can afford those horses and have room for them.

We have collected a series of articles from author Katie Navarra that Stable Management had previously published to help you realistically look at this problem.

We invite you to make comments on each of these articles, or chat with us on the Finding Out forum on these topics.

“How Much Land is Needed Per Horse”

“When is it Time to Sell Extra Horses?”

“Emotionally Preparing to Sell Extra Horses”

“How to Make Extra Horses Pay for Themselves”



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