Online Equine Education: Social Media

Social media platforms can offer you a wide variety of how-to and business topics of interest to equine farm or business owners, but you need to consider the source for accuracy.

Here are four popular social media platforms used for sharing how-to tips.

Social media has received a lot of negative coverage for its circulation of misinformation. Yes, there are plenty of accounts on all social platforms that spread incorrect or outright false information. However, there are multiple ways to use social media for virtual learning opportunities in the equine industry.

Many times the best “hack” for your stable, farm or horse is recommended by peers with first-hand experience, which is then shared on social media. However, always consider the person (or business) posting to rule out any poorly guided advice. When in doubt, ask a peer, a colleague, a veterinarian or a trusted professional.

Here are four popular social media platforms used for sharing how-to tips.

YouTube: More than 500 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every hour. Finding business and how-to repair tips pertinent to horses is as easy as a quick search. For example, in How Much Does it Cost to Build My Dream Barn? the video creator details each cost in building a facility. Another user offered advice for installing fencing.

Pinterest: Often thought of for recipes, home renovation projects and other craft-related projects, Pinterest can be a source of inspiration and information. For example, type in “organizing a tack room” and pages of results appear. Enter “horse health” into the search bar and find videos on correctly applying a polo wrap, a graphic with the warning signs of colic, and much more.

LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn has a massive video library—16,000+ expert-led courses—to choose from. Although not horse specific, many courses focus on skills any business owner needs.

Facebook Live: Many Facebook users take advantage of the platform’s live feature to stream informational content, such as training sessions or short educational videos. It records throughout the session so that it can be viewed later. Plus, if you’re listening live, you can ask questions in real time so that you can hear the speaker’s perspective at the moment.






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