Products for Horses and Riders: Coat Care

Tips from horse owners on products to clean or condition your horse's coat or treat a topical wound.

“It tames even the wildest pony manes and keeps them soft and shiny,” said one horse owner.

There’s nothing more satisfying than looking at a horse with a sparkling coat. Nutrition is the foundation for achieving shiny coats, but topical products can enhance a horse’s gleam. Products that speed up the grooming process—and make it last—are always helpful to have around the barn. It’s like treating your horse to a day at the spa.

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There are hundreds of choices when it comes to shampoos, conditioners and wound care. Much of the decision boils down to personal preference. An informal survey on Facebook revealed these favorites.

Texas horse owner Kadra Gore recommended Equifuse Rehydrinse. She uses it on her horses and her Mini Schnauzer. The coat protector and conditioner includes moisturizers and proteins designed to hydrate hair.

“It makes hair soft and it doesn’t get as dirty or tangled throughout the week,” she said.

Some coat conditioners leave hair slippery, but not the Absorbine Santa Fe spray conditioner and detangler, said Erin Hsu. She regularly uses the Santa Fe spray in her Kentucky barn. The product also reduces static buildup from blankets.

“It tames even the wildest pony manes and keeps them soft and shiny,” she said.

A smooth, soft coat that shines is only one part of the coat care equation. Preventing and caring for cuts, scratches, rain rot and other skin issues is equally important. 

New York horse owners Kathy Hebert and Aprille Tomlinson both use Coat Defense products in their barns—for their equines and canines. Made in Ashburn, Virginia, Coat Defense also relieves sweet itch and discomfort from bug bites.

Megan Arszman-Weisbrodt relies on the Farnam PuriShield Wound Spray when the horses in her Indiana barn get hurt. The spray-on treatment protects against germs, dirt, debris, water and insects. It’s even approved for use on livestock, dogs and cats.






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