Five Spring Time Savers for Horse Farms and Stables

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Spring has sprung. Even with longer hours of daylight, there’s never enough time to fit in all the work that needs to be done on a horse farm or stable. Try these five timesaver tips to get through your day more efficiently.

1.Get help Are you running from the moment you arrive at your equine facility until you flip off the barn lights to head home? Sometimes it makes sense to hire a part-time employee to help with daily chores or work with a contractor (such as an outside riding instructor). Think you can’t afford help? Figure out the tasks that only you can do and that bring in the most money to your facility. Could you teach another group lesson if you hired a part-time person to muck stalls? Would that make enough to pay the help and make you extra money for your time?

2. Prepare the night before Set out the clothes you’ll be wearing, pack a lunch for the next day and gather any equipment you’ll need and put it one spot. Mornings can be hectic. Having all your need items in one spot can make it easier to get out the door.

3. Write it down Use Post-It notes or type a note on your phone to help you remember important to-do items. Not all tasks can be completed the moment you think of them. You can save precious time reviewing a list rather than spending time wracking your brain while trying to remember that one thing.

4. Just do it Procrastination is the biggest enemy of efficiency. Stop putting off the chore you dread the most. Get it done, cross it off the list and move on to the next task.

5. Automate watering How much time do you spend watering your arenas? A basic lawn sprinkler from the local home improvement or hardware store can reduce the time it takes to dampen the footing. Another alternative is a fully automated irrigation or arena watering system that can be controlled by a programmable clock. Although a bit more of an investment, this option would eliminate manual watering. Again, you need to figure out how much is your time worth, how much time do you spend doing that task (remember to add in preparing and putting away equipment), and how much money could you add to your bottom line if you did something more financially productive with that time,

There will never be 25 hours in a day. These five time savers can help you discover a few extra minutes to accomplish tasks on the to-do list and perhaps even provide a little more time to make money doing the things you actually enjoy.



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