Three Tips for Engaging Adult Horse Boarders and Riders in Autumn

With a little creativity you can keep your adult boarders and riders coming to the barn more frequently in autumn. iStock/Manon Allard

The calendar on the wall flips from October to November, and the clients you saw multiple times a week throughout the summer seem to have vanished. Cooler weather and shorter days tend to send riders and boarders indoors until spring. However, with a little creativity, there’s plenty of ways to keep adult riders active despite a person’s natural inclination to hibernate. Here are three ideas to try at your barn this fall. 

Host a Themed Event

Themed parties aren’t just for kids’ birthday parties. Adults love participating in these events too. An adult fall harvest or Halloween party is one way to bring boarders together. Murder Mystery parties are for good for groups large and small. Like a game of “Clue,” partygoers act out parts with one of those people the “bad guy”, and everyone has to figure out who it is.

Trail Riding With a Twist

The paint and sip movement has been popular for several years. The idea is that friends can enjoy their favorite drink while receiving instruction on painting. The focus is on fun and relaxation rather than on a focused goal. 

You can bring the same escape from the day-to-day stress by planning a “trail ride with a twist.” Plan a scavenger hunt where riders are given a list of objects to find along the trail. A small prize for the person who finds the most items on the list adds an incentive.

Plan an Outing 

Fall is a popular time for equine expos that combine education and shopping all in one place. Those that are in easy driving distance make excellent day trips, while others might provide an opportunity for an overnight experience. Encouraging boarders to attend gives them a chance to continue learning about basic equine healthcare and all levels of training advice. 






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