Clutter Buster Tips for the Stable

Credit: Thinkstock Keeping your facility clutter-free not only is safer, but makes you and your clients feel better about yourselves and your horses.

The hustle and bustle of daily activity in a commercial stable provides ample opportunity for clutter to take hold. There’s always one more lesson or one more visit from the veterinarian that takes precedence over getting organized. A cluttered barn can be unsightly and potentially dangerous. We’ve rounded up five tips to help you regain control and cut through clutter.

Use Both Sides of a Door 

The back of a tack room or office door is often neglected storage space. Select one or more pre-manufactured wire organizers or even a hanging shoe organizer. Use it to store grooming supplies, shampoo, leg wraps, first aid supplies and more. Leave adequate room to open and close the door.

Use Unused Space 

Need someplace to keep lists or leave messages for clients and don’t want to hang a bulletin board? Paint a smooth, flat wall with chalkboard paint. It can be as large or small as you need and it will add an element of fun to routine list making.

Magnets Can Help You Organize 

Buy a heavy-duty magnetic strip and mount it on the tack room wall. Use it to keep unused bucket clips, snaps and other metal items in one, easy-to-find location.


Buy an oversized carabiner. Use it to collect rein stoppers, bit guards and more. This tip can be shared with clients who need to corral hair rubber bands in their travel gear.

Get Social 

Sign-up for Pinterest and find inspiration from others. With more than 50 billion pins to explore, you’ll find at least a few ideas you can modify and use in the barn. When you create an account and find storage solutions you don’t want to forget, you can “pin” them for later viewing.

Take-Home Message

Take control of clutter at your barn this fall with these five tips. Search for additional tips on organizing your barn on

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