Horse Barn Tack Room Organizing Tips

Controlling clutter in tack rooms is difficult, but these tips can help you take control.

Managing tack room clutter can be managed.

Tack rooms can be one of the most difficult places to control in the barn. The space quickly becomes inundated with equipment as each horse has a plethora of clothing and tack. Frequent use by lesson students and boarders can also contribute to an unorganized, cluttered space in lesson barns.

Take control of your tack room with these tips from fellow barn owners.

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Stackable storage tubs are a great option for keeping equipment clean until the next use. The challenge is remembering exactly what is stored inside.

“I use a piece of chalk to write on the outside of the tub which horses’ blankets are in the tub. That way I don’t have to go digging to find the one I’m looking for,” said Heather Parker, owner of Dream Ponies and Zoo in Galway, New York.

Try Something New

Network with other stable managers and owners and ask what tack room tips they have to share.

“My daughter went to work for another stable out of state. She went in looking for organization strategies that could work on our farm,” said Sue Austin, owner of Lucky Clover Stables in Sanford, Maine.

Countless resources are available online. Pinterest offers budget friendly, do-it-yourself organization ideas. With more than 50 billion pins to explore, you can find at least a few ideas to get you started. For example, you might add a pegboard and bins for smaller items.

“Any Dollar Store solution you find on Pinterest for your house can work in the barn too,” Parker said.


There might be times when you need to rearrange the tack room or reassign a client’s dedicated space within the tack room. There are likely good and necessary reasons for making a change. But there’s nothing worse than catching a loyal customer off guard. Talk with clients in advance of the change so they know what to expect and post a note on your community bulletin board or barn dry erase board to remind them. 

Open communication reinforces the trust needed for long-term relationships.






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