Storage Expansion in the Horse Barn

Decluttering and organizing equine tack and supplies in and around the barn can make life easier.

For busy barns, the tack room can be one of the most important spaces to keep organized and tidy.

Barns hold a lot of “stuff.” From grooming supplies to tack, blankets, tools and more, a stable is inherently filled with supplies.

“Most people store many things they don’t need and won’t ever use. The first tip for effective storage is to purge unnecessary items,” said Heather E. Lewis, AIA, NCARB. She is a principal partner at Animal Arts, a Colorado-based architecture firm. “Tack sales and donations to equine rescue groups can ensure unused items will go to good homes.”

After the unused excess supplies are purged, it might still be necessary to expand your stable’s storage area. Lewis recommended buying a prefabricated metal structure that can be strategically placed in close proximity to the barn.

“I like the ones that set on a concrete pad rather than on soil because the interior will stay drier and will have fewer pest problems,” she said.

These structures can come in a variety of sizes and are available at varying price points to suit most budgets. Lewis added that one larger storage area works better than multiple smaller spaces.

“When you start with a single, larger space, it’s easier to see what you have and organize it well,” she said.

Another alternative is to encourage boarders to use their trailers as storage areas for tack and gear. The viability of this option depends on parking space available and whether your boarders own trailers. For those who haul often, it can be more convenient to tack up trailer side rather than lugging saddles down long aisleways.

For shared storage areas, Lewis recommended containing boarders to a specific area such as a tack locker. This approach requires that each person is responsible for keeping his or her own space organized and stocked with only the necessary supplies.






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