Compilation of Horse Hay Articles

Winter isn’t over, and some horse owners are needing to supplement their hay supplies.

Stable Management compiled a group of articles about horse hay to help you make it through the winter. iStock/Eileen Groome

Stable Management has published a group of articles about horse hay this winter. We wanted to compile all of these articles into one spot in case you missed one that would help you better feed your horses until spring.

Hay Outlook for 2020 Overall U.S. hay production was up in 2019 from 2018, but your state might not have an abundance of horse hay.

Where to Find Horse Hay in Winter Here are tips to finding horse-quality hay when you run out in the winter.

Comparing Types of Hay Bales for Horses Whether you use small square, large square or round bales of hay for your horses is a personal preference.

Feeding Horse Hay to Avoid Waste Using hay feeders in stalls and in the pasture are the most effective way to reduce hay waste.

Hay Bags for Winter Horse Feeding Using nets on horse hay can extend feeding time and reduce waste.

Pros and Cons of Hay Alternatives for Horses There are several options to stretching or substituting forage alternatives when your hay supply is short.

Alternatives to Standard Horse Hay Long-stemmed fiber is important to equine digestive health, but sometimes you need an alternative to hay.

Types of Hay for Horses—What to Avoid Here is a list of hays that you should avoid when feeding horses.

Blister Beetles in Hay Blister beetles produce a defensive compound called cantharidin, which can cause ulceration of the GI tract in horses.

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