Horse Farm, Stable or Trainer Press Release Template

A press release can go out to just your facility's users or clients, or it can be aimed at a wider audience. Here is a template to help you get your news out.

Credit: Thinkstock Create a press release to let people know what you have done, are doing, or any news that happens in your equine business.

The following is a template for a press release from your equine business. You can copy and paste this text into a Word document and keep it to help remind you what you need to include in a press release.

Why Create a Press Release?

Often you have news from your equine business that you would like to get out into your local area, or perhaps beyond. That “news” can range from starting a new program, to hiring a new instructor, to acquiring additional land or building new facilities for your business. 

A press release can go out to just your facility’s users or clients, or it can be aimed at a wider audience. Keep in mind that a press release isn’t a free advertisement, although it often functions that way for your business.

Perhaps you acquired a new school horse. That would be a great piece of news to your current clients. Create a press release and email it to your stable list. (Check out the article on Using Excel for Equine Business List Management.

If you add a class that would be of interest to those outside your current clientele—perhaps an adult beginning riding course for single moms that offers child care—that could be news to your area.

Letting your region know about camps, clinics or classes for special needs (this could include equine-assisted therapy for children or adults) is a benefit to your area. You are providing a unique service.

Beyond Your List

If you don’t know whether what you want to announce is “news” for your area, call your local newspaper, radio or television station. Ask to speak to a reporter. That person will know what his or her media outlet would consider news. And who knows, they might even want to come out and do a feature on you! Be prepared to say yes!

Basic Press Release Template

Your press release should include the basics of what your “news” is that you are relaying to your clients, the horse industry or your area.

For example, if you attended an educational event (or make a presentation, gave a clinic, held a horse show, etc.) and want to send out a press release to your clients or the local media, make sure you include:

Who I am [name and business name]

What I did [I went to the XYZ Convention/Show/Educational Event]

Where [City, State]

When [Month, day(s), year]

Why [To learn more about… or To give a presentation on…]

My favorite presentations were… or My take-home message was… or The grand champion was…

Make sure to tell them what this means to your client or potential client. “I now am certified to teach…” “I learned some new ways to help horses improve flying changes…”

If you email this to local media or your clients, PUT THE PRESS RELEASE IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL, not as an attachment. You can use a list management company such as for free up to a certain amount of names on your list. They have professional-looking templates that are easy to use and can help your press release look better.

Press Release Template

Following is a template you can use for a one-page press release.

[company logo here}

For Immediate Release

Your contact information

[person’s name, address, email, phone, i.e.]

Sally Smith

Owner/Head Trainer

Smith Stables

7890 Horse Happy Lane

Parkside, PA 65712


[date , i.e., Oct. 10, 2017, city, state] – {Your news lead goes here. Make sure it is a few short sentences that make up a paragraph that tells what the news is. This is not a feature article; get to the point. If someone only publishes that first paragraph, does it tell the whole story? For example:]

Smith Stables is happy to announce the addition of assistant trainer Betty Brown to our stable. Brown is CHA and PATH Inc. certified and will focus on developing a therapeutic riding program at Smith Stables.

[Next add more information about Brown and your stable; do not use long sentences or paragraphs, and do not exceed one page.]

[End the press release with a paragraph that lets people know how they can get in touch with you for more information, including your address, phone, email, website and social media. Yes that is a repeat.]

[If you send this press release to news media, add an additional paragraph at the bottom that says photos are available by contacting a specific person with email and phone, and let media outlets know that Brown is available for interviews by contacting a specific person with email and phone.]

Take-Home Message

Creating a press release to use internally (to your own clients) or externally (to your area or beyond) is a worthwhile use of your time. Your clients will feel better-informed and more closely connected to your equine business, and those beyond your current clientele might be intrigued enough to become clients. 






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