Planning for the New Year

The New Year is here, and many of horse folks are worrying about how we can make 2018 better than 2017.

Stable Management ran a series of article on planning and improving summer riding camps for your equine business.

What do you have planned to be more successful in the New Year? Are you planning to add new clients, services or personnel? Stable Management ran several articles about adding riding camps to your equine business, and if you decide to undertake these camps, the planning needs to start now!

Summer Horse Riding Camps: Tips for Success—You have planned your summer horse riding camps, have wonderful horses at your disposal, have marketed the camps to the right audiences, and your facility is ready. What else do you need to do to present successful summer horse riding camps?

Summer Horse Riding Camps: Marketing—In this article several successful equine camp operators offer five tips for marketing your camps in the new year.

Summer Horse Camps: Types of Summer Camps—The types of summer horse riding camps are as diverse as the facilities that host them. Horseback riding camps can be discipline specific or offer an introduction to basic horsemanship and trail riding.

Summer Riding Camps: Equipment and Horses Needed—The right horses and the correct equipment are key components to holding a successful summer horse riding camp.

Summer Horse Camps: Charges and Payments—Setting a rate and getting paid are as important as having the right horses and determining the duration of your facility’s horse camps.


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