Small Problems and Rain Aren't Always Bad

Credit: Sometimes facing and solving problems can give you better ways to work, or at least teach you to be creative in your problem solving.

If everything, every day, went according to each person’s plans, then the lottery would go bust (because everyone would win), traffic would be a mess (because your light would always be green), and progress would stagnate (because everyone was doing what they wanted, rather than what was needed).

Do you let a little rain deter you from your plans? How do you deal with the rain?

While we could be talking about the actual precipitation from the sky forcing you to change your plans, I’m using this as a metaphor about the small problems that always come up in an equine business. Those “problems” don’t always make you change your plans, but they might make you change the way you do what you were planning. Sometimes the “rain” makes you change for the better!

Do you teach riding lessons and only have an outdoor arena? What do you do when it’s raining? What indoor lessons can you create that would not only be fun for your students, but educational? When I was a student instructor at the University of Kentucky we only had an outdoor arena. We taught several lessons in the long barn aisle from the ground.

Are you the stable owner and your boarders get grumpy when it rains and they can’t ride? Throw a tack-cleaning party and buy the pizza! Have a braiding lesson. Ask boarders to get unused horse equipment out of their storage, clean it up and have the barn donate it to the local PATH Inc. riding program for them to use or to sell to raise money for their program. Ask someone from the local tack shop, feed store, vet clinic etc. to come over to give an educational talk or show new products.

When rain comes, or a problem arises, decide what needs to be done, be creative and deal with the “rain” that falls and make the best of it! Who knows, the rain might make you invent a better umbrella, or at least let you see a rainbow!

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