From the Stable Office Spring 2014

Welcome to the new Stable Management magazine! When Active Interest Media purchased this brand last summer, we wanted to breathe new life into the magazine and website. Both have been important sources of information specifically for those who own/ manage farms and stables. These also are the people who house and educate the current and next generation of horse owners.

With this issue, we are happy to include members of the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) in our family of readers!

Once we completed the transition of ownership, we conducted a couple of surveys of people active on to determine their areas of focus, the information they wanted and how they wanted to receive it. The results showed that we were, indeed, a trusted source of information for those professionals and influencers who provide homes to many horses and guidance to the owners.

More than 80% of readers own farms with five acres or more (35% own more than 25 acres). Nearly 85% own two or more horses, with nearly 40% owning six or more horses. Boarding as a profit center is done by nearly 60% of readers, and nearly 70% manage horses they don’t own.

Readers said that they wanted us to address a wide variety of topics, including business, health, pasture management, feeds and bedding, footing, client management, legal areas and feed/nutrition. They also told us that industry news, product information and forums were important.

Nearly 92% of those surveyed were readers of Stable Management magazine in past years, and a vast majority said they wanted that magazine to return!

We plan to publish two Stable Management magazines this year: the Spring Business issue and the Fall Resource Guide. We will make these magazines available to all who register for them on and to all members of the Certified Horsemanship Association. Please tell your friends and other farm/stable owners how to receive these free magazines. As we gauge the success and reception of these print magazines, we will determine the future frequency of the product. Please let us know what you prefer!

Between issues, we invite you to visit We add new content to the website on a daily basis, including feature articles, industry news and product information. Make sure you sign up to receive our weekly and monthly electronic newsletters so you are keeping up with all the information on And follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news, information and fun horse stuff!

As always, I welcome your feedback on the new Stable Management magazine and Feel free to contact me at






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