Three Tips to Get Projects Done

Do you have items that always seem to fall off your To-Do List? Here are three tips to get them done!

Credit: If installing mirrors in your indoor arena tops your priority list, take the steps to get that project done.

Are there projects you would like to get done, but they never seem to make it to the top of your To-Do list, much less get finished? Want to give your tack room a thorough cleaning? Need to get your trailer mucked out before show season? Think every day when you are schooling that you want to purchase and install those mirrors in your indoor?

It’s time to get those projects not only on your radar, but get them accomplished! Here are three tips to help you.

1. Prioritize

If you don’t have your priorities set, then you will work on the easiest projects to accomplish (or not work on any of them at all). Look at which projects will help you be more successful in your business; projects that will save you time and/or money on your overall business; or projects that will help you attract and retain your boarders. Once you have your list, talk to advisers and/or clients to make sure that you are correct in your assumptions.

2. Plan

Once you have your top priorities, write out a plan on how you will get them accomplished and set deadlines. OUCH! Most people hate deadlines, but without them you will find yourself procrastinating. If you are going to purchase and install those mirrors in your indoor, set a deadline for researching the mirrors, another for purchasing them and having them delivered, and a final one for installation. Doing this not only will help you accomplish the project, but will allow you to let your boarders know the progress of the project, and when they might have to avoid riding in the indoor because of installation. And it allows them to anticipate something they want. If they know the mirrors are supposed to be ordered on March 20, then they will ask if you have made your decision. It helps to have others involved to “poke” you into action. If your clients know the mirrors are supposed to be delivered on April 14 and installed a week later, they will be asking you about the delivery and installation. So you will be on the phone if the mirrors are not delivered on time, or your contractor is trying to put you off.

3. Celebrate!

This is a step that many people don’t give themselves, and without this step, the next project on your priority list is harder to start. When the project is completed take photos and post them on your website and social media. Invite your boarders in for a ribbon-cutting ceremony with punch and cookies. And lastly, mark it off your list!

Taking these three simple steps will help you accomplish more of the projects you want to do. If something changes (you have a colic surgery on one of your horses and have to put off purchasing the mirrors for the indoor for a couple of months), reset your deadlines, share them, and look at your priority list to see if something else should move up. Maybe cleaning the tack room would be an inexpensive March project that would make you (and your boarders) feel good.

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